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Life just keeps on life-ing
 I have been remiss in not posting much at all, especially about non-fandom life, which is kind of... important to make friends, I guess?

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Kink Bingo!
 Thanks to Kink Bingo's changed rules for this round (they're taking a hiatus next year), I was able to sign up even though I was a failboat who did not do anything last year.


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Having some thoughts about representation, both in original storytelling and narrative fanworks, prompted by a couple of memories.
  • On a con panel about disability in the media, someone said it was a decade between them first identifying as disabled and becoming part of a disability community, and that they still didn't see any disabled characters in media who were visibly part of a community.
  • I went on a brief kick of reading all the white collar OT3 fic. Slash fandom is pretty OTP-heavy and aside from a few fandoms (like White Collar), stories that don't have an endgame in a single monogamous dyad are a rarity. But, like I said, brief kick. I burnt out on it. Why?
After consideration, I think there are three levels of representation of minority identities (and yeah, lumping together chosen and not-chosen things, because I don't think it matters in this case).

1. Presence. There's a character played by a non-white actor, or who has a relationship with someone of the same gender, or who uses a cane, or with a nontraditional gender representation, or who is in an open relationship, or...
2. Identity. The character is shown to identify in a particular way: lesbian, hispanic, kinky, disabled, polyamorous, transgender. There are fictional contexts where this doesn't make sense, if the character's culture doesn't have a framework for identifying that way.
3. Community. The character has a meaningful relationship with communitie(s) and shared culture around their identity, whether they join it or resist it.

Lots of fanworks stop at #1. That's a thing; plenty of people do that, too. The current slash community tends to stop at #2 for the sexual orientation identity of characters. We no longer have much "I'm straight, except for you," but we do have a lot of characters who identify as gay but never mention the idea of gay subculture (or that being gay is statistically unusual, unless that's required for the romantic tension). I see the full spectrum in fanworks about characters doing BDSM, from the ones who don't see it as identity all the way through to characters who either say they don't like the "scene" or who participate in it.

Why is it so hard to get to the third level in fandom? Sometimes it's only accessible to stories set in a fictional world that culturally resembles modern Western culture. And I think sometimes it's because, with few characters belonging to the minority group, focusing on that subculture moves away from the rest of the canon characters. Usually to show interactions between people who share the identity, you have to bring in original characters. I love groups that are family-like and tight knit and us-against-the-world and that doesn't mesh well with one character having a whole other community that we never hear about in canon.

I don't want to invalidate narratives that stop before #3. As I said, plenty of real people don't choose to go that far, and maybe in the fictional world there's only one (minority to us) race or no concept of sexual orientation as identity. But when I'm thirsting for fic about polyamorous people, the only thing that's truly satisfying is... wait, actually, I have never ever read a fic about polyamorous people that acknowledges polyamory as a subculture that the characters have thoughts about. Even if it's set in a future or fantasy world where non-monogamy is accepted. Rare enough that the characters can find an identity like that at all or get any kind of rudimentary "common pitfalls to avoid" wisdom.

So that's why I get burnt out on OT3 fic. Because every one seems to be a special snowflake relationship between people who were previously romantically monogamous. It's like the difference between "lesbian relationship" and "lesbian person."
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Going to GeekGirlCon? Want to be on a panel?

Hey fandom geeks,

My panel on transformative fandom has been accepted by GeekGirlCon, but I need a few people to fill it out. We'll be talking about transformative fandom and why we participate in it.

Looking for fans who:

  • Identify as a geek
  • Reasonably sure about being able to attend in Seattle, October 19-20
  • Participate in a majority-female fannish community centered around the kind of transformative fanworks where we're often asked, "why would you want to do that instead of creating something 'original'?"

And since I'd like to represent a diversity of opinions and identities in the panel, it's a bonus if any of these areas that are not represented yet on the panel apply to you:

  • Fanartist
  • Podficcer
  • In fandoms outside of western movies, TV, and books
  • Person of color
  • Trans*
  • Genderqueer
  • In organized fandom for 15+ years
  • Femslash, het, or not a shipper
  • Lesbian-identified

Admission to the con is $35 and for people who are participating I can provide some financial assistance if necessary. Also planning on organizing some fannish social gatherings at the con.

If you're interested, please reply ASAP! I'm technically supposed to have my roster set by June 15th. Comments are screened in case you'd like to leave an email address or other contact info -- if you don't seem to have any private information in your comment I'll unscreen unless you ask me not to. This entry was originally posted at http://krytella.dreamwidth.org/24631.html. Comment wherever.

[Fic] In which Ariadne gives Arthur a hand
In which Ariadne gives Arthur a hand (7340 words) by Krytella
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ariadne/Arthur (Inception)
Characters: Arthur (Inception), Ariadne (Inception)
Additional Tags: Sex Toys, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fic entirely made of sex scenes, Fisting, Anal Play

Arthur’s known he liked having things in his ass since he was seventeen.

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What I know about Teen Wolf, by someone who's never watched the show
Wrote this to amuse myself before I had proper Internet back. Slightly expanded from the original with more wild suppositions because it was too correct and therefore not as funny as it could have been.

Scott is the main character, who hardly anyone cares about and fandom used to call a "potato" until someone pointed out it's an obscure slur used against people with Down's Syndrome. He's somehow turned into a werewolf at the beginning of the series, which makes him better at Lacrosse (an inexplicably popular and important game in their fictional California town). Scott gets with...

Allison, whose family, the super subtly named Argents, are werewolf hunters. But she inexplicably doesn't know about that despite being trained to hunt monsters using a bow since childhood. I think she doesn't know Scott's a werewolf. Her dad is a jerk and a monster-hunting zealot.

Stiles is Scott's best friend and is apparently 100x more interesting because 100x more slashy. Or maybe because he doesn't have a real first name. As we all know, this leads to slashyness (see: Eames). He knows about the werewolf thing and drives them around in his car and has ADHD. His dad is the sheriff, and his mom died when he was young. Oh, and dad is possibly an alcoholic but not abusive because this is not SPN fandom. Stiles is also an adorable magic pixie omega even though not an actual werewolf. And he's maybe into some chick named Lydia. And he's not canonically queer but we're all hoping because he once told someone he could be gay and Sterek.

Danny is their friend who is canonically gay and not a werewolf but not as hot as Dylan wassisname so he doesn't get much slash written about him. I think he plays lacrosse. Still don’t know WTF is up with lacrosse.

Jackson is some guy played by a very hot actor who maybe left the show? He's Danny's best friend but due to lack of werewolves or whiteness or glowering or something they aren't nearly as popular a ship. And there's something with him and lizards. Is he a were-lizard? And he is the captain of the lacrosse team.

Derek is Mr. Werewolf Romance Novel Hero. He lives in a burned ruin in the woods with his epic abs. It's burned because some older woman (Kate? I think? Or am I confusing this with White Collar?) seduced him as a teenager and broke his bb heart and burned his wolf family. Derek glowers and is grumpy and does not smile. Because he's sad. A sadness that can only be cured with some hot young magic pixie ass. He wears tight jeans and taking his shirt off is pretty much in his contract, though thanks to TV Magic (™) his hairy werewolfness does not extend to not having his chest waxed. He sneaks in through Stiles' window and also shoves Stiles against walls a lot. And he has an older relative named Peter who they thought was dead and may be a horrible person and/or zombie werewolf or something?

At some point because Derek is a lonely puppy he turns three others into werewolves so he can have betas: Erica, Isaac, and Boyd. Erica wears skimpy clothes and is blonde. I think Boyd is black. I think maybe Erica and Boyd have a thing, or are a side ship? I don't know a thing about Isaac. No one loves betas because they don't have knotting dog cocks or self-lubricating asses of biologically deterministic and joyful semen reception.

I've had some of this confirmed already but feel free to tell me what I got right.

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Sorry I just can't with Supernatural
I've tried. I've tried like three times. But:

1. I suck at watching TV by myself. I can usually make it through one episode of something before I get bored. I can watch 6 hours straight with someone else, but alone not so much.
2. I don't like horror in visual form. I don't like things that try to be scary and I hate jump scares. Criminal Minds is about the closest I'm willing to get to "scary."
3. I have a huge embarrassment squick. There are already parts of White Collar I can't watch. So Sam and Dean's pretending to be someone else in every episode? Well, between that and the scary, I'm not watching half the episode.

I know I should start at the beginning but maybe I'll skip to season 4 and see if it's more tolerable for me.

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What's Going On
Apologies for being gone from the long-form fan networks for so long! I've been sporadically on Twitter but that's all until this week.

I was out of town for a week for Thanksgiving, including 4 days mostly without cell phone service, and I didn't bring my computer. The day after I got back, thanks to a billing issue that was probably totally my fault, our Internet service at home went down. The day after that, my computer went to sleep and wouldn't wake up.

Also, last week I started a new job! As you may or may not know, I'd been taking an extended vacation for over a year and I was just starting to think about going back to work. Someone I knew from my former job got in touch with me and before I knew it he was offering me a position. It's at a small but funded startup and the office is only 2 miles away from where I live instead of on the other side of a large lake. So that's pretty cool.

After a completely ridiculous saga about the Internet connection in which we had to sign up for a new contract, cancelled that when they wouldn't even tell us when it could be activated, then switched to a different ISP and waited for it to be activated and bought two different modems and waited another few days for a technician when the automatic activation didn't work, we FINALLY have it back. And after a moderately but not ridiculously expensive trip to Apple, my 4.5-year-old laptop is back with a new motherboard.

So now I'm going to work every day and have no time, but soon I will have income again, which is nice, and now I have structure, which is also nice, because it was getting pretty depressing having tons of time but never accomplishing anything.

A synopsis of my time away, in annotated tweetsCollapse )

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This is why I shouldn't be allowed to have fic ideas
Actually, I shouldn't because I'll never actually write them.

From Twitter:
Logic and practicality did not stop me last night from pondering an Avengers AU where SHIELD is a brothel and other Avengers are pro dommes
@anatsuno: I’m glad logic didn’t stop you. FUCK LOGIC, let’s go with your idea. :D
Locked user: SERIOUSLY FUCK LOGIC. I bet Iron Man has all the shiniest toys <.<
Me: Tony makes elaborate mechanical bondage devices, like House of Gord. Obviously ;)
Locked user: Steve blushes like a virgin with every single customer. Thor has stamina like NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE.
Me: @anatsuno I was torn between stealing your magic-feminist-brothel thing or genderbending most of the characters for congruence w/ reality
Me: Bruce specializes in hitting people really (hard! Somehow I got cut off)
Locked user: Phil is unassuming but everyone who tries him asks for him again and can't quite explain why.Nat does roleplaying (ooh mb phil and natasha have a sort of good dom/bad dom thing, where she breaks them down and he does aftercare)
Me: mmm :) my orig idea was that Phil is the manager. But I was questioning why s1 of Nat's calibre would work there. I guess if it's on East Coast it could be an outcall agency rather than incall jack shack, so higher rates/skill. (fantasy brothels: spoiled by knowing too many prostitutes and other sex workers IRL)

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On the latest wave of misogyny in geekdom
Nerds: Stop hating women, please: One comic creator's rant is just the latest example of misogyny in geek culture.
Fanboy Rampage: Jennifer de Guzman Vs Dirk Manning
And Susana Polo's wonderful older article On The "Fake" Geek Girl

I have a confession to make: awkward, nerdy guys, I do use my body and revealing costumes to take advantage of you.

While you're mesmerized by my legs or bare midriff, I have a captive audience to expound on the brilliance of Feminist Hulk for half an hour. You let me talk through the entirety of Fellowship of the Ring about Tolkien in the historical context of Modernity and World War I because you think I might make out with you afterward... and then I don't. While you're staring at my naked breasts, you stop talking long enough for me to advocate Idris Elba as the next Doctor Who.

You may be too busy looking at me to be listening, but you're too busy looking to talk at me.

I know this is going against your time-honored culture of mansplaining to any woman who wanders in. But I just can't help myself. I want attention! From all you socially awkward nerds! So that I can feel superior by rejecting you! You'd better reject my opinions right away or your social order could collapse.

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