The pornish fairy godmother

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I'm Krytella and this is my fandom journal. I like to ramble on about many things: theories, literary analysis, writing and fanfiction, fanart, the sociology of fandom, the sociology of slash...

I enjoy a range of things from hard-core canon geeking to hard-core smut fic. Who knows what you may find here. As I said, this is my fandom journal; I have a RL one, but as my RL friends really don't care about color symbolism in Harry Potter (and shouldn't be accidentally stumbling on NC-17 fics), and as I make connections in fandom I really don't want to bore people with my normal life, I've separated things.

The title of this journal is a quote from "Shifts" by fernwithy, which can be found at The Sugar Quill.

Blanket Permission for Transformative Works
I welcome all secondary fan-works, including remix, sequels, podfic, art/graphics, and "stealing" ideas. No advance permission required. Please do credit me and let me know if you create something inspired by my work. You are always free to save my stories to your hard drive and to keep them even if I take them down.

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